The Hot Corner Podcast- Season 3, Episode 4

In a return to the podcast world, and after a lengthy break, The Hot Corner and its host Ryan McKenna are back for episode 4! In this episode, we chat about my experience at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts in a game between the Red Sox and Seattle Mariners on April 30th. Also talked about are inductees into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, the demotion of the Jays top prospect, and much more. more »

The Hot Corner Podcast- Season 3, Episode 2

We are a week into the MLB baseball season and all the buzz is around the Boston Red Sox, for all the wrong reasons. In this podcast, I will talk about the Red Sox and then I will talk about the opposite of the Red Sox, the first place Baltimore Orioles. Since this podcast was recorded, the Red Sox have gone to 0-6 (Win-Loss). Yikes! Let’s hear your opinion on what the Sox have to do to actually win a game! more »

The Hot Corner Podcast – Season 3, Episode 1

The Hot Corner podcasts get back under way with Episode 1 of our third season on the air. In this episode, host Ryan McKenna examines all 30 MLB clubs and the moves they made over the winter. Predictions such as the Arizona Diamondbacks being a team to potentially watch out for as well as Ryan’s take Manny Ramirez’s upcoming season are all talked about. more »