The Hot Corner – Championship Series Preview Show

In this episode we will discuss what happened in the first round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Divisional Series. Along with that I have gathered a couple of our listeners picks for the upcoming Championship Series along with my own picks for the Yankees-Angels, and Dodgers-Phillies series. We also include which players will make a big impact to help their teams in round number two and ultimately into the World Series. more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 21 – Playoff Preview Show

This is The Hot Corner’s playoff preview show! In this episode we talk to Adam Connolly where some serious chirps go down along with our breakdown of each playoff series! Enjoy the picks and enjoy the show! Don’t forget to tune into the AL and NL Championship Shows as that will be the next one up in our Playoff Showcase!

Have a good week! And enjoy the beer, hot dogs, cracker jacks and most importantly the BASEBALL!!! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 20

Welcome back for our 20th episode…a milestone!!!

In this episode we will feature an interview with Adam Connolly discussing the playoff races and much more along with a problem in Cubsland with their outfielder and Bobby Cox decides his future. All this and your updated standing as we get into the last full week of the season! Stay tuned next week as we will have a playoff preview show where we will break down all the matchup’s in the AL and NL Division series!

Thanks for tuning in and have a great week guys! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 19

Welcome back for Episode 19!

In this week’s show we have the latest on who plays when in the 2010 season along with a couple of suspensions being handed down. Check in for the latest standing and who is making a push with 2 weeks left!!! Make sure you tune in next week when we have Adam Connolly from A-Con’s Stats Onyaa as our probable co-host!!!

Thanks and Enjoy the Show everyone and have a good week! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 18

Hey Welcome Back to the show!

This week’s edition of The Hot Corner features an interview with our good buddy and ex-All-Star Shortstop Dylan Blanchard! Check out Dylan’s site at! Also making headlines this week was two records being made. Derek Jeter broke Lou Gehrig’s all-time Yankee hit record along with a milestone by Ichiro. All this and more in Episode 18 of The Hot Corner!!!

Enjoy! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 17

The Hot Corner Episode 17 has the winning bidder of the Brad Penny sweepstakes. David Wright showcases the new S100 Helmet this past week as well! We also have a former 2 time World Series champion potentially in the makings for a Senate seat. All this and more in this week’s episode of The Hot Corner! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 16

This weeks show we talk about a veteran lefty making his was over to the AL East. A surprising trade by another AL East club is also featured. In the question of the week we talk about the tight race taking place between to teams in the National League and finally we got some injury news to talk about. I hope you all enjoy the show and please note the change of time for next weeks episode being Sunday, September 6th. more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 15

Welcome back to The Hot Corner after a couple of vacation weeks. In this shorter than usual episode we will feature some veterans on the move to contenders, and the Nationals, who had a big week along with some scary head hitting earlier in the week. I hope you all enjoy the show and if you have any comments please feel free to leave a comment whether it’s about our episodes or whether you would like to see something on our webpage.
Once again thanks for tuning in! We here at The Hot Corner appreciate it…Enjoy! more »

The Hot Corner – Episode 14

The Hot Corner’s trade recap show lists our Top 5 deals that went on at the trade deadline. Adam and I also break down the winners and losers at this years deadline along with the Question of the Week that features our World Series predictions. Enjoy the Show and once again my Twitter feed is while our Twitter Fan of the Week goes to Mitchell McKenna who is our assistant technical director and comments on the show weekly. You can find him at

Once again I hope you enjoy the show and be sure to join the discussion and give us at The Hot Corner your Top 5 transactions at the deadline. more »