Ryerson Folio Podcast: Dom Luszczyszyn

This podcast first appeared on RyersonFolio.ca on Jan. 31, 2014.

Link: http://ryersonfolio.com/inaugural-podcast-dom-luszyczyszyn/


Ryan McKenna interviews Folio contributor Dom Luszczyszyn about his article A Sea of Blue, and what it’s like to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan writing about Leafs fans making a documentary about Leafs fans. Click the play button below to listen to our first-ever podcast.

Photo by Jacqueline Tucci.

Ryan McKenna and Dom Luszczyszyn in the studio. Photo by Jacqueline Tucci.

Podcast theme music from The Electric Environment.

Host: Ryan McKenna
 Jacqueline Tucci
Theme song production: 
Colton David and Jacqueline Tucci