The Hot Corner- World Series Preview Show

The Hot Corner Podcast

World Series Preview Show

In our final podcast of the season, we finish like we started with Adam Connolly along side host Ryan McKenna to talk about the Blue Jays new hiring, Manny coming to T.O.? and most importantly our World Series Preview between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.

Thank you to all our viewers for tuning in this season the The Hot Corner podcasts.  It was a fun ride and we appreciate you being on board for it.  We didn’t quite meet our goal of 30 episodes but we did mature as a company and as a podcast.  Host Ryan McKenna appreciates your support in the following statement: “The viewer response this year was tremendous and I hope all our viewers are able to visit back every week or so for a NHL blog post by Slap Shot Radio.”

Enjoy the World Series, have a safe a great winter, and may the best team win!

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